Defender Signal Blocker -Stop Car Relay Thefts

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Recent research published by vehicle industry  showed that as many as 96% of those surveyed were at risk of falling victim to the latest method of tech-savvy theft.

This form of which specifically affects those who enjoy the convenience of keyless proximity fobs to enter and operate their vehicle.

Defender Signal Blocker Authorised Stockist Secured By Design Black OT01119 -Red OT01143 - Grey OT01118
Defender Signal Blocker Authorised Stockist Secured By Design Black OT01119 -Red OT01143 – Grey OT01118

The term ‘Relay attack’ is used by the press and crime reports over the past 12 months. it best describes the type of theft becoming increasingly commonplace in UK neighbourhoods.

Gone In 60 Seconds

The method involves two criminals working in together, with one holding a signal scanning device (available for around £80 online) up against your homes exterior wall. This then boosts a fob’s signal from inside the property. The accomplice waits next to the vehicle until the cars proximity system is fooled into thinking the fob is nearby and your car simply unlocks. The car now thinks the key is inside the vehicle, the ignition can be stared and the car simply driven away.

The entire process takes less than 60 seconds and is completely silent. Victims describe walking out of their front door the following morning to find that their car has simply disappeared. Victims have even posted their CCTV footage online to demonstrate just how fast it happens.

Thieves steal £40,000 Ford Mustang – Protect Your Car
Thieves steal £40,000 Ford Mustang – Protect Your Car defender signal blocker

Numerous CCTV events and Police recordings of relay attacks on YouTube that show just how quick and effective an exercise this is. Industry research shows a huge 110 car models from 27 different manufacturers are at risk. A simple and consistent solution was required. This is because there are now only two manufactures that have addressed this issue. The first being Jaguar Land Rover, that now use time coded key that prevents the relay being authenticated, and the other being Tesla that have now introduced “Pin To Drive.

Defender Signal Blocker

Defender Signal Blocker Authorised Stockist Secured By Design Black OT01119 - Red OT01143 - Grey OT01118
Defender Signal Blocker Authorised Stockist Secured By Design Black OT01119 – Red OT01143 – Grey OT01118

Enter the Defender Signal Blocker, a high-quality storage pouch lined with unique RPF™ material that acts as a mini ‘faraday cage’. This prevents an enclosed fob from transmitting its wireless signal. The Defender Signal Blocker has become a top-selling product and already purchased in bulk by numerous UK police forces, insurance companies and has gained independent recognition for keyless fob protection from Auto Express and BBC One’s Rip Off Britain.

2018 Auto Express Award
2018 Auto Express Award

Now some car manufacturers and insurance companies are advising motorists to keep their keyless fobs in the Defender Signal Blocker to provide a convenient and portable solution to a growing problem.

The innovative pouch also possesses the dual benefit of being large enough to hold modern smartphones. This blocks their ability to receive calls and notifications. This feature has seen the product also being utilised when users are behind the wheel to combat distracted driving. This helped the Defender Signal Blocker gain an award for Best In Car Product at the 2018 First Car Awards.

Police Secured By Design Approval

Secured By Design
Secured By Design

The Defender Signal Blocker has now been granted Secured By Design status. SBD means it has been tested to the highest standards to help defend against crime. Only the Defender Signal Blocker has with RPF™ material inside to stop signals from the key being transmitted or amplified to the car.

It’s been so successful a new Defender Signal Blocker Mini is about to be launched. This smaller version is specifically for car keys only. The Defender Signal Blocker mini will be available soon from EV Accessories and our eBay store. Both our online sales outlets have all versions of the Signal Blocker in stock, In Grey, Red and Black.

EV Accessories also stock a number of other Defender products. the range includes credit card defenders and Anti theft registration plate screws. We sell directly to the public and we can distribute and supply in trade or wholesale volumes.