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How To Get A Tesla Referral Code

How Can I Save Money Buying A Tesla Model S/3/X - Referral Code

How To Get A Tesla Referral Code For A Model S, Model X or Model 3 Performance?

What can I Get With a Tesla Referral Code?

  • When Ordering a Model S, Model X and Model 3 Performance you get FREE Unlimited Supercharging for the length of ownership.

How Long Is This Offer Available For?

  • Up until September 16, 2018

What Happens After September 16, 2018?

  • Full unlimited Supercharging will go away and present owners will only be able to give one year of unlimited Supercharging.

I Live Outside the USA, Can I Still get these referrals?

  • Yes, but not on the Model 3 Performance at this time.

I live in the USA and I am ordering Solar Roof, What can I get on the Tesla Referral Scheme?

  • Residents of the USA can order Solar roof using our referral code and get an extended warranty on Tesla Solar Roof.

What Models Can I Order with a Tesla Referral Code?

  • Model S
  • Model 3 (USA only)
  • Model X
  • Solar Roof (USA only)
  • New Factory orders and New Inventory cars of the above models are included in the referral program at this time.

How to save money buying a Tesla Model S or Model X with a referral code.

  1. Get Free Supercharging With Our Referral Code
    You generally need to find an existing Tesla owner who has a referral code (here is mine Once you become a proud EV owner you’ll be able to do the same for your friends and colleagues. Important! You need to ensure you add these before you order, just contact your Delivery Specialist and get them to add the referral code or click the link above and order via the Tesla website. Note: If you’ve confirmed your order you may not be able to use the code.
  2. Buy A New, or Demo Inventory Model S, Model X or Model 3 Performance With Our Referral CodeThese are generally ready to drive away within 14 days. Tesla pre-build popular specifications and sell on cancelled customer orders. They also offer ex-showroom, courtesy or demo cars – these will be discounted depending on their age and mileage. Note: Referral Codes cannot be used on Tesla’s Certified Pre-Owned cars (i.e. secondhand).

EV Accessories offers our Tesla Referral Program Code free of charge, we will not charge you for a referral, we are huge fans and overs of Tesla vehicles. We are participate in the Tesla Referral program from the UK in order to spread the word of Tesla Motors.  EV Accessories has no links or endorsed by Tesla. Our Referral codes can be used in the UK, USA or any country that sells Tesla Motor Vehicles.

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