Nomad Model 3 Wireless Charger

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EV Accessories LTD is pleased to announce that it is now stocking the popular Nomad Tesla Model 3 Wireless Charging pad for the centre console.

EV Accessories is the first UK stockist of the Nomad Tesla Model 3 Wireless Charging pad.

Nomad Wireless Phone Charger Key Features:

  • Seamlessly integrates into your Model 3.
  • Optimal dual 7.5W phone wireless charging.
  • LED lights indicating charging status.
  • Compatible with all Apple and Android wireless charge enabled devices.
  • Uses both USB ports, see FAQ for more info.
  • 2 USB spliter cables included to enable Dash cam, USB audio, and an additional powered USB port.
  • Optional spacers included for smaller phones.

Nomad Model 3 Wireless Charging Speed.

The Nomad Wireless charger for the Tesla Model 3 has been engineered to quickly charge two devices simultaneously. With an anti-slip rubber base to create extra stability, neither the charger nor your phone will slide out of place while driving. Optimised for all new iPhone’s with a 7.5 W charge output.

Nomad Understand Wireless

Being able to achieve optimal charging speeds across both high-power 7.5W coils to simultaneously fast charge 2 phones is powered by the Model 3’s front USB ports.

Wireless Charger for Tesla Model 3
Wireless Charger for Tesla Model 3

Nomad Wireless Phone Charger FAQ

Does this use both front USB ports?

Yes, both front USB ports must be attached to this device. We have included 2 USB splitter cable to support Dashcam and USB audio compatibility, as well as the ability to charge a device via a standard USB port.

What if my passenger doesn’t have a wireless charging device?

For standard cable charging, you have three options: the 12V Power Outlet in the centre console, the 2 rear USB ports, or you can operate the Wireless Charger with a USB splitter and charge through the additional USB port.

Will my phone charge when the car is off?

No. We have designed this device to turn on and off with your car.

What do the LED lights indicate?

Charging status. Quickly receive visual confirmation if your phone is charging, or already fully charged. When a device is charging, an amber light will turn on. For devices that are fully charged, the light will turn white.

What phones require the use of the included spacer?

If you have an iPhone 8 and don’t have a case on your phone, we suggest placing the spacer on your charging pad.

Does the centre console lid close while phones are charging?

While all wireless enabled phones can charge with our charger, particularly large and hefty cases can make it difficult to close the lid on the centre console.

The Nomad Tesla Model 3 charger is a premium product available today for just £129.99 in the EV Accessories Shop, Buy Today Buyer from America can buy direct here.