EV Charging Cable Bags For Electric Vehicle Cables

Storing your electric vehicle charging cables neatly in EV Charging Cable Bags is a must to keep you boot tidy and free from a spaghetti like mess of cables.

Spending a few moments coiling the cable and placing it in a EV Charing cable bag could save precious time.  Especially standing in the rain plugging in your EV.

Selecting EV Charging Cable Bags.

Getting the right bag for your cable is a must. Use our preset filters to match you EV Charging Cable length with the bags size.  We also list a selection of EV Charing Cables that include bags here. Whatever your EV needs EV accessories is here to help you.

Check out our listed range of EV Charging Cable here. We also have home and work EV Chargers here. They come in a range of tethered and un tethered types, as well as Type 1 and Type 2 Connectors.

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  • EV Cables carrier bag for 16 or 32 Amp EVSE cables

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  • EV Charging Cable Case

    EV Charging Cable Case

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  • EV Charging Cable Travel Bag Keep Your Cable Safe Suitable For 16 Amp and 32 Amp Cables

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Showing all 3 results