Airman ResQ Car Tyre Repair Kit

The AirMan ResQ Car Tyre Repair Kit a two piece system including the compressor and the sealant bottle. Perfect for all types of passenger vehicles.
The ResQ Tyre Repair Kit is an easy to use solution offering a safer and faster alternative to replacing a flat tyre.
The Airman ResQ Kit states it’s tyre pressure sensor safe with its valve through technology and particle gel sealant.
Airman is also the perfect drop in replacement for the original kit that comes with the purchase of your vehicle.
Many car manufactures are now not including a spare tyre or tyre repair kit with new vehicles making it impossible to repair a car tyre at the roadside without a third party kit suck as the Airman ResQ.

Complete Puncture Repair System.

The Airman ResQ repair kit offers a complete solution of tyre repair gel and an air compressor. No need to buy them separately saving you money.

If you can’t find the one you want on our site, check out eBay.

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Showing all 6 results