Stop 'n Go Tyre Plugger Kit Puncture Repair Kit

The stop ‘n go tyre plugger is one of the simplest and mess free repair systems for car and motorbike tubeless tyres.

Life’s Too Busy To Be Stuck With A Flat Tyre

Changing a flat tyre is hard to do, takes lots of time and sometimes isn’t an option (many vehicles don’t offer a spare wheel).

Stop & Go designed the Tyre Plugger to fix a flat tyre in just minutes.

  • Works with tubeless tyres.
  • Unlike aerosol tyre repair systems, the tyre plugger is safe below freezing temperatures.
  • Performs a TPMS safe repair.
  • Affordable and easy to use.
  • Tyre Puncture Plug technology for fast repair.

*May not be suitable for tyres with sound deadening foam.

What makes the Tyre Plugger the best tyre repair product on the market is it’s mushroom plug. The plug shaft expands under pressure to fill the puncture and the mushroom head of the plug seats on the inner wall allowing no air to escape. Buy a Tyre Plugger kit today.

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