Car Key Signal Blocking Bags Keyless Entry Guard

Browse a range of car key signal blocking bags on EV Accessories. Protect your car keys from relay attacks.

Thieves use high tech devices to steal cars on a daily basis. The latest technology involves what are known as relay attacks.

Criminals amplify signals emitted by key less entry keys and beam it at your car to unlock it and drive it away, often while you sleep. Thieves don’t even enter your home. By simply holding equipment to exterior walls, they acquire a signal that unlocks your car, also enabling them to drive off with it.

Don’t be a victim of crime, place your car keys in signal blocking bags. These bags prevent the signal from being transmitted outside the bag. The Defender Signal Blocker is regarded as one of the best Faraday pouches on the market and carries the Secured by Design approval status.

Car Key Signal Blocking Bags.

Single blockers are cheap and will potentially save your insurance excess, and car. Buy a car key signal blocking bag today.

Place your car keys in the bag and your key will not open the car. Don’t forget the spare key too.  See how they work on YouTube.  Protect your assets with a car key-less entry fob signal blocker.

EV Accessories can highly recommend the Defender Signal Blocker bags. These have proven to be durable and reliable in our tests over the past 6 months.  Others have failed after just a few weeks.

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