2.5 Ton Aluminium Racing Trolley Jack & Four Axle Stands


(as of 07/17/2018 at 12:41 UTC)

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This 2 ⅓ Ton aluminium/steel chassis racing trolley jack is lightweight, packed with features and great value. Also included are two pairs (4 separate stands) of 4 Ton heavy duty ratchet axle stands with an additional safety pin - a must have when working under a vehicle. Each axle stand has a maximum capacity of 2000kg and a lifting range of 278mm to 420mm. This jack includes a rubber pad to protect the underside of your vehicle. It's low 100mm clearance is perfect for racing enthusiasts and sports/low slung cars. Dual pumps with rocket lift raises the jack to it's full saddle height in only 9 strokes. Rear swivel casters and large front wheels make positioning this jack easy while maintaining stability. Ergonomic carry handle and anodised aluminium construction make this light-weight trolley jack a joy to use. Pump overload/relief valve prevents use beyond the rated 2 ½ tonne capacity. The saddle has an outside diameter of 110mm and an inside diameter of 90mm. Lightweight yet strong handle at 970mm in length. The TJA2.5 lifting arm width is 148mm.


  • 4 Ton ratchet axles stands 278mm to 420mm lifting range
  • Ultra lightweight aluminium chassis
  • Includes a rubber pad to protect the underside of your vehicle
  • Ideal for sports car enthusiasts/vehicles with a low chassis
  • Quick lift with Dual Pumps extends to full saddle height in just 9 strokes


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