3 Ton Low Profile Garage Trolley Jack With Ratchet Axle Stands

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This heavy duty yet low profile garage trolley jack has been developed for users who give high priority to quality and durability. Designed to withstand demanding use in garages and workshops. The long reach allows access to deep set jacking points and the low profile 98mm to 535mm lifting range means this jack can fit under the lowest vehicle. The quick lift dual-pump hydraulics save you time by extending the saddle with the minimum amount of handle pumps. Includes two ratchet axle stands, each axle stand having a maximum capacity of 6000kg / 6 Tonne and a lifting range of 395mm to 605mm. The jack comes with a rubber pad on the saddle cover to prevent slipping and a bumper pad on the jacking handle to prevent chips or damage to the vehicles paintwork. The saddle can be removed leaving a 20mm diameter hole for use with jacking attachments. Large steel wheels and ball bearing rear swivel casters makes positioning this jack easy. Rather than the standard pump found on most jacks this trolley jack has a high quality integrated bottle jack for a longer service life.


  • Includes a pair of 12 Ton ratchet axle stands
  • A must for users who give high priority to quality and durability
  • Dual pump pistons for fast lifting action
  • Bumper pad on the handle to protect the vehicle
  • Top saddle protector provides safer lifting


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