Card Defender Police Preferred Specification RFID Blocking Sleeves – 5 Pack

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Card Defender – Police Preferred Specification RFID Blocking Sleeves for Protecting Your Contactless Card – 5 Pack


The Card Defender is a simple but effective device for keeping your contactless card secure from thieves and fraudsters.

The highest quality RFID protection wallet sleeves on the market.

The quality and performance of the Card Defender is underlined by the independent Police Preferred Specification through Secured By Design. Don’t settle for lesser replicas!

Simply keep your cards tucked away inside the Card Defender and the RFID blocking material will shield your sensitive information.

Works with all credit/debit cards, travel cards, student IDs etc.

The Card Defender Police Preferred Specification is a simple but effective device for keeping your contactless card secure from thieves and fraudsters. Incidents of criminals using hand-held card readers to ‘skim’ card details have become increasingly common in the UK, with these ‘Digital Pickpockets’ using the captured information to make purchases or commit identity theft.

– Cost effective way to stop thieves
– Universal Size for credit & debit cards
– Latest RFID blocking technology
– Police approved
– Easy to use
– Protection from skimming attacks

Products carrying the Defender logo have been specially selected from our range as reliable, high performance products, at excellent value. Items from this range undergo thorough testing and are regularly purchased and recommended by UK Police, Local Councils and Neighbourhood Watch Groups.

Don’t put your faith in cheap replicas when it comes to security – choose DEFENDER every time!


  • ✅ RECOMMENDED BY UK POLICE – The highest quality RFID blocking sleeves available. These amazing card sleeves will protect your money. These blocking sleeves are regularly purchased and recommended by our UK Police force. Place any RFID contactless cards in the sleeves & get protected.
  • ✅ PROTECTS YOUR CONTACTLESS CARDS FROM SKIMMING ATTACK – The DEFENDER RFID blocking sleeves stop criminals in their tracks. RFID blocking sleeves for debit cards and RFID blocking sleeves for credit cards will stop any skimming of your cards simply slide your cards into the RFID contactless sleeve and you’re protected.
  • ✅ ROBUST DESIGN BUILT TO LAST THE EVERYDAY WEAR AND TEAR – The DEFENDER RFID blocking sleeve are manufactured from premium, advanced RFID blocking materials. These credit card protectors that fit in any wallet or purse are thin, lightweight, durable, tear and even water resistant.
  • ✅ EASY TO USE RFID CARD PROTECTOR SLEEVE FOR WALLETS & PURSES – With advanced RFID blocking technology, these RFID debit card protector sleeves provide you with ultimate protection. Once in the sleeves you can relax knowing there is no need to worry about electronic fraud and theft any more.
  • ✅ JOINS 1000’S OF SMART HAPPY CUSTOMERS USING OUR DEFENDER RFID BLOCKING SLEEVE – Our customers know that the DEFENDER brand means quality and protection. These RFID blocking sleeves for contactless cards can be used in any wallet, purse, pocket or pouched will still work. This cost effective simple product is easy to use, and is available in 5, 10 & 20 pack offering excellent value for money! We offer email support 24/7 + get a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not happy. Add your favourite c


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