Gritguard Detailmate Wash Bucket – 20 Litres

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The Gritguard 5 gallons (just 20 litres) wash bucket is a heavy, 5 mm thick bucket with reinforced edge that will last longer than any other bucket. Thanks to its robust design, the bucket does not bend even when it is full of water and lifted by the handle.Features

  • Gritguard wash bucket white with approximately 20 litres, additionally reinforced, thick-walled compatible with complete Gritguard accessories.
  • The bucket is supplied with the appropriate accessories (not included), for example: a Gritguard wash board or Gritguard sieve to collect the dirt on the bottom of the bucket so that it can not come into contact with the sponge again.
  • This is to avoid scratches (swirls) on the sensitive car paint.
  • Also suitable for Gamma seal lid (screw cap) so that the car remains dry when transporting water to the SB washing station. Gamma seal lid not included in the contents.
  • Gritgurad bucket.


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