Huawei E5885 4G+ Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot – Unlocked


(as of 05/27/2018 at 16:23 UTC)

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Huawei E5885 is a 4G mobile WiFi hotspot.

All you need to do is insert a sim card of your choice, as it is UNLOCKED and then the device is ready to use.

The best feature about the E5885 is that it has a lightning fast download speed reaching up to 300 Mbps (Megabit Per Second) so it is not just your average device.

Use the hotspot with up to 32 different WiFi enabled devices including laptops, iPhones, smartphones, iPad, tablets, gaming consoles etc. A perfect companion if you travel to work by train allowing you to use up to 25 hours working time! Wherever you are, enjoy your instant connection to the internet.

Fast Connection

A secure download speed of 300 Mbps and a fast upload speed of 50 Mbps allowing you to stream or download videos and films in no time.


Travelling to a different country and have no access to internet connection? Purchase a Huawei E5885 and you will have no problem connecting to the internet abroad. All you need to do is buy a data sim card from the local area you will be staying in, connect, then there you go - Internet access on holiday or from home!

The device is designed with protected and hidden ports and is built with Ethernet/4G dual link with the flexibility to support WAN/LAN auto redirect so you can stay connected without any problems while you travel.

Perfect for Small Businesses

The E5885 allows you to share your internet connection with up to 32 different WiFi devices giving you the best internet experience at work, at home or any place you desire.

Powerbank Function

Running out of battery on your journey home from work? Not only does the E5885 work as a WiFi hotspot, it allows you to use it as a powerbank supplying power to your most important devices that need the extra boost. With its massive battery 6400 mAh it will charge your phone, tablet and music player in no time.


  • Built-in 6400mAh, 25 Hour capacity power bank to charge your devices on the go
  • Choose the best provider for your area, as the device is fully unlocked to all networks
  • Set up your own private Wi-Fi and connect up to an incredible 32 Wi-Fi enabled gadgets including laptop, tablet, gaming consoles plus more
  • Parental Control and guest network - A simplified system to help you manage connected devices, disconnect any device at the touch of a button
  • A supreme travel companion, enjoy super-fast 4G+ download speeds without interruption, giving you an enjoyable wireless experience


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