Model S/X Rear Seat Tablet Entertainment Screen Holder – Discontinued

  • Tesla Model S Rear Seat Tablet Entertainment Tablet Holder
  • Tesla Model S Rear Seat Entertainment Tablet Holder
  • Tesla Model S Rear Seat Entertainment Tablet Holder
  • Designed to fit Model S seats with the electrically adjustable head rests only.
  • Comes with magnetic tablet mounting with adjustable angle, pan and tilt. (requires small metal plate to be fixed to tablet or case).

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Discontinued Product please go here to see the new version

Designed for the Tesla Model S, the EV Accessories rear seat entertainment tablet holder is perfect for keeping rear seat passengers entertained on longer journeys.  The ideal solution to mounting iPad’s and Tablets in back of a Tesla Model S.  Easy to install and remove when required.

  • Installation Time – Less Than 5 minutes.
  • Choice of Colours to help match your interior.
  • Design for Next Gen Seats with electronically adjustable headrest only.

What’s In the Box?

  • 1 Headrest Tablet Mount Kit
  • Partly assembled headrest mount (assembled in to main two parts including magnetic mounting).
  • Metal Plate with VHB adhesive tape.

How to Fit.

  1. Insert the vertical holder into the main assembly until it is seated all the way in.
  2. Adjust the headrest to a raised position.
  3. Lower the holder into position until the vertical holder come to rest on the seat back and the horizontal bar lips are resting on the seat back.  Ensure that the clips are around the seat back.
  4. Stick the metal plate to your tablet or its case.
  5. Place the tablet on the magnetic holder aligning the metal plate and magnet.
  6. Adjust the viewing angle and tight the fixing to hold it in place.

The rear headrest tablet mounting is supplied in two main parts for self assembly.  Once clipped together it should not be forced apart as this will damage the parts.

Manufactured on our 3D printers to fit the latest Tesla Seats.

**Due to the material properties, the PLA version of this product should not be left in direct sunlight where the interior of the vehicle could approach 55 degrees Celsius as the material will begin to soften and deform.  Always remove and store our of sight when parked to prevent theft from your vehicle.

*Original concept inspired from Tiltable Tesla Model S/X headrest tablet holder Skills Apr 17, 2017, Redesigned from the ground up, re-engineered for a magnetic holder and clip assembly.

Additional information

Weight.500 kg
Dimensions300 × 60 × 30 mm
Colour Material

Black PLA, White PLA, Semi Translucent PETG

Car Brand

Car Model



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