Premium Fast Charging EV Cable IEC62196 Type 2 – Type 2 16 Amp 5 meter Lead PHEV Free Carry Bag


(as of 06/17/2018 at 15:45 UTC)

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Charge your EV or PHEV on all Type 2 home or public charging points at 16 (3.6kW) or 32 (7.2kW) amps. This cable also works with 32 amp cars but at a slower speed, so we usually recommend buying the 32 amp cable to future proof yourself.

The cable is 5 meters long and black made out of a flexible lightweight rubber making it very easy to store and transport. The handles are made from hard wearing polybutylene terephthalate. It is IEC, TUV certified and CE compliant. It is IP44 waterproof and can operate at -30°C to +60°C.

Also comes with a free cable tidy carry bag. Plug one of the type 2 connectors into the public/home charging point which 95% of the charging points are now and the other connector into your type 2 car.

Type 2 cars include: Audi, BMWi, BMW, Mercedes, Tesla, Renault Zoe, VW, Volvo, Porsche, Hyundai, KIA, Nissan Leaf 2018.

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