Pro-Kleen Snow Foam Lance / Gun Kit with 5L Cherry Snow Foam For Use With Karcher K Series Pressure Washers (K2 / K3 / K4 / K5 / K6 / K7) 1L Capacity High Quality Manufacturing with Italian Components Fully Adjustable Chemical Dial & Variable Spray Nozzle Easy To Use Instruction Manual Provided Powerful, Heavy Duty, Foamer / Sprayer for Car Washing / Cleaning (5 Litre Pack)


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After 1 year of trialling, testing and tweaking, Pro-Kleen have finally produced the perfect snow foam lance.

Why choose Pro-Kleen’s Snow Foam Lance?

Made from high quality solid brass and strong, durable plastic

Compatible with Karcher K Series pressure washers: K2, K3, K4, K5, K6 and K7

Variable pressure from 2000 PSI – 4500 PSI / 160 bar

Maximum temperature of 60 degrees celsius

Variable spray nozzle – from wide spray to thin, pencil jet spray

Designed for use with Pro-Kleen Snow Foam but can be used with others, too

Unlike some lances, this one works with Pro-Kleen’s coloured snow foams – banana and strawberry (some lances don’t produce colour when sprayed through the snow foam lance, so you just end up with plain, white foam)

Washing your vehicle
1. Power wash the vehicle to remove tough debris and dirt
2. Connect the Pro-Kleen Snow Foam Lance to the pressure gun
3. Adjust the foam nozzle and air intake until you have the desired consistency of foam
4. Evenly spray foam all over the vehicle body and leave for 5 minutes
5. Clean the vehicle with a clean car sponge and power wash to remove excess foam
6. Remove excess water with a suitable cloth to avoid water streaks

Technical information
Max pressure: PSI:2900
Max bar: 160
Max flow: 20L / min
Max use temperature: 60C – 140F
Nozzle aperture: 1.25
Inlet: G1/4″ Female
Tank volume: 1L

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  • Extensively tested and manufactured to the highest standards to help you achieve ultimate snow foam performance when cleaning your car
  • Compatible with the Karcher K-Series Pressure Washer Models: K2, K3, K4, K5, K6 and K7 Maximum Pressure: 220 Bar Maximum Temperature: 60°C
  • 1L capacity with a fully adjustable chemical dial (works with our coloured snow foams) and a variable spray nozzle: choose from a wide spray to a thin pencil jet spray
  • Manufactured with Italian parts, solid brass manifold construction and a strong plastic nozzle for maximum durability and longevity
  • This powerful, professional snow foam lance is supplied with Pro-Kleen’s best selling 5L Cherry Snow Foam to clean your vehicle thoroughly with outstanding results


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