Professional Car Window Tint Tool Kit Fitting Kit


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All the the tools you will need to fit window tint to your car. Kit includes: – 2000W Heat Gun – Excellent heat gun, used for shrinking window film to size when fitting to the rear windscreen or curved windows. – Conquerer Pro Squeegee – An excellent all-in-one car window tinting tool. Soft rubber edge on one side and hard edge on the other, with pointed end for getting into awkward corners. Use this to remove the majority of solution from behind the film. – 4″ Teflon Squeegee – hard squeegee used to removed any stubborn bubbles the Conquerer can’t get. – Lil Chizler – extremely handy tool no tinter should be without. Small enough to fit into the tightest gaps and hard enough to remove stubborn bubbles, minor imperfections and blemishes during installations. – Red Devil – flexible squeegee that is handy for guiding film behind gaskets and can be used as a trimming aid. – Gasket push stick – handy tools used for pushing film behind the gasket around the window without damaging it. – Scraper – ideal tool for removing any hidden specs of dirt from your glass prior to installing window film. Also ideal for removing labels or paint from your window. Includes one blade and easy to hold handle. – Scrub Pad – essential for cleaning windows prior to installation – 500ml Spray Bottle – use to hold you tint solution. With adjustable spray trigger.


  • Professional car window tint fitting kit
  • Contains all the fitting tools you will need
  • Squeegees and cleaning tools
  • Heat gun for heat shrinking tint
  • Use for installing car window tint film


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