QI Fast Wireless Phone Charger Holder Tesla Model S/X

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Pre Sized Or Custom Order sizing available.


  •  The QI fast wireless charger is NOT included and can be purchased separately from Amazon, or from our shop HERE.


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QI Fast Wireless Phone Charger Holder Dock For Tesla Model S/X. Charge your mobile phone with a QI fast wireless charging pad in your Tesla Model S or Model X with the EV Accessories designed and manufactured QI fast wireless charger holder and phone dock. Designed specifically for the RavPower QI Fast Charger.

Made to order or available in one of our preset sizes, we can custom print for your phone and case. All you need to do is order the QI Wireless Charger from Amazon.co.uk here, or from our shop here. The holder has been designed to hold this specific QI charger. The charger stays in place with a friction fit, no glue required.

Designed For The Tesla Model S/X Centre Console To Replace to OEM Phone Kits.

Charge your mobile phone without wires in your Tesla Model S or Model X whilst holding your phone secure and charging while you drive.  The lid of the phone dock compartment will still close. (cable will need to be free to allow this). You will need to remove the existing blanking plate or cable holder to fit this holder. The hole is covered when the the holder is put in place.

QI Wireless Phone Charger Holder – Ready To Print Sizes (Made to Order).

Apple iPhones – Without Case.

  • Apple iPhone X/Xs
  • Apple iPhone XS Max
  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro
  • Apple iPhone 11

Apple iPhone With Case (sizes in mm)

  • iPhone X/Xs with Spigen® Tough Armor iPhone X Case with Kickstand L: 150 W: 77.0 H: 11.88 – Fits This Case
  • iPhone X/Xs Mous Case L: 148.21 W: 75.61 H: 11.9

Samsung Galaxy With Case (sizes in mm)

  • Samsung Galaxy S8+ With Thin Case L: 162mm x W: 77mm x H: 10mm

Custom Made Orders (Made to Order).

Custom orders are designed and printed to order. All we need is the width and thickness of your phone including case if you use one.

PLEASE NOTE :- Due to the length of the device, this product will not work with the SAMSUNG S10+.

Please allow 24-48 hours for design adjustment and print time before dispatch on all items on this page.


  • The wireless charger is NOT included and must be purchased separately from Amazon.co.uk or from our site HERE

RAVPower Qi Fast Wireless Charging Pad. 

  • Quick charge and wide compatibility: Up to 10 W Fast Charging for Qi and quick charge devices such as Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 +/ S7 / S7 edge/S6 Edge +/ Note 8, or charging device with QI standard, Non Quick charge with a power of 5 W
  • Tips for optimal use: Full-speed charge by connecting a QC2.0/qc3.0 charger with an output of more than 15 W, connect your device to a wireless charging receiver Qi enabled if it is not its
  • Easy wireless charging: simply with cables that are intertwined and that detaches, keep your desk more tidy and Jack Charge your Qi enabled device or one equipped a Qi receiver in wireless way without the hindrance of wires
  • protection for secure charging: with built-in protection against over current, overheating, short circuit protection
  • Discreet and useful respectively: the indicator LED lights up in blue or green LED indicator to indicate the standby status and the charging.

We also recommend that you use the 12v power output and an adapter to power the charging pad. also available from amazon.co.uk here to get the best charging results.

Materials – This is a 3D printed product and as such will be a slightly different finish to the plastic within the centre console. The plastic used is biodegradable and will start to breakdown within 60 days when disposed of in landfill.

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Apple iPhone X/XS Mous Case, Apple iPhone X/Xs No Case, iPhone X with Spigen Tough Armor, Apple iPhone XS Max No Case, Custom Order, Apple iPhone 11 No Case, Apple iPhone 11 Pro No Case, Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max No Case

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