Rain X Anti Fog Glass Treatment, 200ml

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Just as essential as it’s stalemate Rain X Rain Repellent. Rain X Ant-Fog uses micro-polymers to prevent interior condensation and misting on glass surfaces. Quick and easy to use. invaluable in rain. high humidity or when temperatures change suddenly. What the experts say RainX has revamped the formula for its well-known Rain Repellent to make it last longer and shift even more water. The manufacturer has improved the performance of its water-shifter by adding new compounds to the mix. These extend the durability of the product on the windscreen and create a super-repellent coating. Auto Express We’ve all been there: that moment when you realise you’re squinting just to see through the wall of rain that has turned your windscreen into a water feature. RainX is a simple but effective solution to this. Considering how cheap and easy to use it is. RainX is definitely worthwhile. When you can get improved visibility for the price of an air freshener. you really have no excuse. Autocar


  • Prevents interior fogging before it can start
  • Suitable for use in high humidity conditions
  • Reduces time in waiting for fog to clear
  • Ensures clear visibility is maintained when fogging is likely to occur
  • Suitable for use on bathroom mirrors


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