Ring Automotive RTC100 Air Compressor, Analogue

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Inflates a tyre in 4.5 minutes.40mm diameter analogue pressure gauge in PSI, BAR, kPA.Flexible air hose with easy access storage compartment specifically designed to reduce kinks.Screw stem valve connector helps reach awkwardly placed tyre valves.Fitted with 3m power cable and fused 12V DC power plug to help you reach around the vehicle.Valve cap storage compartment for safe keeping when inflating.Flat design gives you maximum stability during use.Large on/off button for easy use with dirty/greasy hands or in poor lighting conditions.Complete with 3 piece adaptor kit for bicycle tyres, balls and other inflatables


  • HANDY TYRE MAINTENANCE. The RTC100 can inflate a 13″ tyre from 0PSI to 35PSI in just 4.5 minutes, making it quick to top up tyres.
  • SIMPLE TO USE. The large on/off button makes this an easy to use inflator. It even includes a holder for your dust caps – so you won’t lose them when it’s in use.
  • DESIGNED FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE. Flat design remains stable during inflation and rests on the ground – no need to hold during inflation. The 3m cable reaches tyres all around the vehicle.
  • CLEAR READINGS. The analogue screen is positioned on top of the inflator, to make it easier to see pressure readings. The dial shows pressure in PSI, bar, kPA and kg/cm2.
  • VERSATILE. The inflator comes with 3 piece adaptor set, so it can be used to inflate balls, bicycle tyres and other small inflatables as well as car tyres.


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