Tempered Glass Touch Screen Protector for Tesla Model 3


(as of 05/27/2018 at 07:52 UTC)


Compatible with: Tesla Model 3
Material: Tempered glass
Color: Transparent
Product Dimensions: Tesla model 3 Touch Screen

Installation Tip:
1. Enter the screen cleaning mode, to wipe the screen clean with alcohol Cloth and dust cloth.
2. Place the straight edge upward, the rounded side down, aligned position and tear glass protection film.
3. Drawing line quickly on the glass with your fingers along the midline of glass from top to bottom, in order to remove the bubble between the glass and touch panel.
4. If there is a very few bubbles during installation, is normal, by way of pressing, push the bubble to the edge of glass, thereby removing bubbles.

1. Tempered glass Screen Protector X1
2. Dust cloth X1
3. Alcohol pack X1


  • Exclusive for Tesla model 3, 100% compatible for the screen
  • Scratch resistant; Shock-resistant; anti-oil and anti-fingerprints
  • Bubble-free installation, only take seconds; No residue when remove
  • Premium grade tempered glass (9H hardness surface) with HD transparency
  • Professional customized for Tesla Model 3


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