Tesla Model 3 Centre Console Tray – Sunglass + Coin Holder


Tesla Model 3 Centre Console Tray Storage Bin.

  • Holds Sunglasses, Coins, Pens.
  • No modification required to fit.
  • Flock Lined for an OEM look.

Non Flocked finish option for a cheaper version of our tray.
Tray is supplied with no flocking giving a plastic surface finish.

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Hold sunglasses and small change secure with an EV Accessories centre console tray for the Tesla Model 3.

Made in house, this tray is perfect to hold your sunglasses, small change and other objects you’d want to stow while driving. A convenient place to quickly find items whilst driving or before getting out. The centre console tray allows the cover to close over and keep things out of sight. Available for the Model 3 now.

Modification free installation means your Centre console tray for your Tesla Model 3 is simply drop in and use. The tray is flock lined in black flocking for an OEM look and feel. (colours may vary due to flock colour tone and car colour tones.

Tesla Model 3 Centre Console Tray Approximate Size

  • Internal Size L: 153mm W: 120mm D: 55mm.
  • Flock lining covers interior of the tray.
  • Coin holder designed for loose change.

Material Used To Make The Tray

3D Printed in PLA on our in house 3D printers. PLA is biodegradable and can be disposed of in the household rubbish at the end of life. PLA will soften at temperatures of over 55 Deg C (131F).  If your car interior goes over this temperature please order our hot climate version printed in Nylon.

These are made to order and the complete process takes up to 5 days, this is due to the slow curing time of the flocking adhesive.
We use a professional flocking machine that applies the flock using an electro static system to ensure the flocking fibres stand up to give a thick flock coating.

Cleaning The Tesla Model 3 Centre Console Tray

Should you need to clean your Tesla Model 3 centre console tray, we recommend using a damp cloth rubbing gently, do not soak or place in a dishwasher.

We also offer a Tesla Model S and Model X Centre Console Tray HERE

Modified from this design.

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Additional information

Weight.200 kg
Dimensions300 × 200 × 30 mm
Vehicle Model

Tesla Model 3


Standard, Hot Climate

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