Tesla Model 3 Jack Pad Adapter Tool


  • Helps owners jack a Tesla Model 3 safely.
  • Helps locate car jack away from battery pack.
  • Jack on the manufactures intended jacking position.
  • Designed for an exact fit to the vehicles jack pad.
  • Not For Model S or Model X

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The EV Accessories Tesla Model 3 Jack Pad Adapter Tool, a brand new innovative jack pad adapter tool that allows the safe jacking of a Model 3. Designed to reduce the risk damaging the battery pack while using a trolley jack with a large saddle. High strength and made to measure design means it is compatible with  small sand large saddled trolley jacks.


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A Jack Pad Adapter Tool Designed For The Model 3.

The EV Accessories jack pad adapter tool is designed to fit the Tesla Model 3 jack pad exactly and ensure that your jack only applies pressure to the Model X3 jacking position. The adapter tool ensures that your trolley jack saddle maintains a safe clearance from the battery pack located in the cars floor pan.

The three location pins allow the adapter tool to align correctly to the cars jack pad. It will stay in place without using magnets near the battery pack or high voltage cables that run down the side of the car.

The Science Behind our Model 3 Jack Pad.

The EV Accessories jack pad adapter tools are machined from high grade 6082 aluminium. This means that both small and large saddle plate trolley jacks without distorting. 6082 grade aluminium properties include high strength in both tensile and proof stress tests, meaning it’s very strong. The Aluminium is also highly resistant to corrosion meaning it can be used in wet conditions.

Throughout the design and prototype process several materials including 3D printed versions were considered. It was proven that 3D printed plastic materials would be unsafe. This is due to the fact that it would only take one layer to have a slight adhesion issue during the printing stage to cause a structural failure. That failure could happen at any time in the life time of the pad and we wanted a safe durable strong product.

Due to the bio degradable and recycled properties of some 3D printed plastics, many of them are not UV safe and are breaking down from the point of manufacturing. Ours is machined from aluminium.

This is a Tesla Model 3 Jack Pad Tool, and not suitable for Tesla Model S or Model X.

Model S/X Version available HERE,


Jacking any vehicle can extremely dangerous. This product is intended to allow the user to place a car jack under the Model 3 in the correct position. This significantly reduces the risk of damage to the battery pack.

  • Always jack your Tesla Model 3 on level ground.
  • Never raise the vehicle more than required.
  • Always read the Model 3 instruction manual before jacking for the first time.
  • Always use axle stands when jacking as a safety measure.
  • Use a chock under the opposite side wheel.

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