Tesla Touch Up Paint – All Colours


  • Quantity Included: 1 – Kit
  • Contents: Paint & Lacquer
  • Select your vehicles correct colour from the stick inside your door

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Tesla Touch Up Paint – All Colours subject to stock. Stone chips, scratches and slight knocks can really depreciate the look and value of a vehicle.

Paint Touch Ups offer the ultimate solution without the expense of a bodyshop.

Select the colour you need for your Tesla, be it the Classic roadster, Model S, Model X of the latest Model 3

These kits includes Lacquer & Paint.

Once you are 100% happy with the colour name and code matching, apply in a testing area to ensure the match is suited.

Important Information: 3 stage paints consist of a metallic ground coat, a tinted top coat and lacquer. Due to advancements in formulations, some paints will now only require 2 stages, where the metallic and tint are combined. This makes the colour truer and a perfect match more achievable. For this reason, listings may state 3 stage, but only 2 stages may be provided.

Tesla Blacks

Tesla Blues

Tesla Brown

Tesla Greens

Tesla Greys / Silver

Tesla Orange

Tesla Reds

Tesla Whites

Tesla Yellow

All touch up paints listed are sold via Ace Parts on ebay.


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