Tesla Model 3 Seat Locks

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Tesla Model 3 owners are reporting break-ins** to their vehicles and a series of Rear Seat Locks are starting to come to market.

Thieves are targeting a oversight in the design of the Model 3’s rear seat folding latch positioning. Criminals are simply breaking the rear quarter window to fold down the rear seat to view the contents of the car boot / trunk.

One designer+ aimed to combat this with a 3D printed rear seat lock that prevents the latch from working, unless unlocked from with the cars boot / trunk.

Here at EV Accessories we realise not everyone has access to a 3D printer, so we are enabling customers to buy one pre-printed complete with spring bolts and washers. Ready to fit in minutes, with any modification to your pride and joy.

EV Accessories only used the highest quality material in the construction of all our 3D printed products. The rear seat locks are no exception, coming in standard and extended versions, and also in a Hot climate version as normal PLA using in 3D printing isn’t suitable for some climates.

To get your rear seats secured you can buy a set of Model 3 rear seat locks for your vehicle HERE. Prices reflect material cost and printing time only as we believe that car owners should be a victim of crime. We also offer a small range of other car security devices such and Faraday bags to keep you key less entry car key in.

Source –Tesla vehicles targeted in series of break-ins, owners try to find solutions +Tesla Model 3 rear seat lock by jonco223 Published on January 26, 2019.