Thieves steal £40,000 Ford Mustang

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Watch a thieves steal £40,000 Ford Mustang from the owners driveway.

Thieves are thought to have used a keyless entry hacking device to steal a £40,000 Ford Mustang, Two hooded men approached the yellow Ford Mustang parked on a drive way in the early hours of Wednesday 10th October 2018.

It took them just seconds to gain entry to owners dream car. The footage was can bee seen here courtesy of the BBC News website. using the device that mimics the entry fob that unlocks the doors.

Car Relay Theft.

It’s not know if the owners key was scanned while the key was being pressed, or they used an key amplifying relay device to “clone” the key. Tesla have recently introduced a “Pin to Drive” feature meaning that this type of crime can be prevented for Tesla owners.  However if you aren’t lucky enough to own a Tesla you can protect your car keys from relay thefts.

Get Protected With A Defender Signal Blocker

The Defender Signal Blocker is the best defence against relay crime.  Once your car keys are inside they cannot be scanned. The keys radio signal is blocked by the special lining inside the Faraday pouch.  The Defender Signal Blocker acts as a Faraday cage meaning no signals get in or out.

The cost is much less than a Taxi to work, and could save your car from being stolen off your drive while you sleep.  The pouches are also useful to place your mobile phone in while driving to stop distractions. These Faraday pouches really work, and are durable unlike others on the market.  What’s more they are also “Secured By Design” with is UK Police Specification.

Don’t become a victim of crime.  Protect yourself and your family from these scum today.  These make ideal gifts and stocking fillers for anyone with a car.  These are just one of the products available from the EV Accessories Online Shop.

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